The Skinny on What’s Trending in Drinks

8 Apr

We don’t know about you, but we’re already looking forward to the warm days ahead. Despite some chilly weather, it is finally starting to feel like spring is in the air. We’ve got wining, dining, and sun in mind! And luckily for the health conscious, ‘Skinny Cocktails’ are in season. The Ink Foundry gives us the lowdown on who’s serving what.

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The Skinny on what’s Trending in Drinks at Restaurants and Bars

By Carina Ost

Good news, we are in 2011, prediction time is over and it is time to see what’s really trending. Low calorie options on menus or calorie content exposed is nothing new, but what is new is where that trend is spilling. Hint: look to what’s on top of your coaster or cocktail napkin.

While the nation is experiencing a cocktail explosion many Americans’ waistlines are expanding. For many diners the question becomes: cocktail or dessert? With the rise and reintroduction of so many interesting prohibition and artisanal cocktails who wants to just try one, there must be a better solution.

The first time many of us heard of the cocktail trend known as “Skinny Cocktails” was from Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City. She introduced us all to her Skinnygirl Margarita product and the world of 100 calorie cocktails was unleashed.

It is really no surprise, beers have become more calorie conscious in recent years. In fact, Miller Genuine Draft 64 clocks in with only 64 calories. With the average margarita containing upwards of 400 calories, a change was necessary.

On the retail side, alcohol is getting healthier. No lie. Liquor like VeeV, contain that magical fruit açaí, which has 57% more antioxidants than that other superfruit, pomegranates.

Agave nectar that was once only used for tequila production is now a readily used sweetener that is 1.6 times sweeter than honey, so you can use less and intake fewer calories. Vegans, diabetics, and nutritionists use it as a healthy subsitute for honey, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Since the sweetener is a thin liquid, not viscous, it is an easy and healthy add-in to beverages from iced tea to Long Island iced teas. Expect more bartenders to shake with this sweet ingredient.

Since cocktails are part of the girls’ night out and dining out experience, what are the restaurants doing to give the people what they want: cool cocktails with low calories?

The Cheescake Factory, a place known for enormous portions, is rolling out a menu of five of their most popular cocktails in skinny versions with around half of the calories. Margaritas and mojitos that normally contain 300 calories now have 150 calories. Starting in March this slimmed down version of the drink menu will be available in all of their locations.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is serving up a cocktail called Tickled Pink, which clocks in at 99 calories, it is known as the skinniest of the skinny cocktails. This drink with Belvedere Vodka, sugar-raspberry preserves, and Mionetto Prosecco doesn’t leave us feeling like we are missing anything.

Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill has a “Naturally Skinny” cocktail line that features six cocktails that include  Veev alcohol, agave nectar, cucumber and much more. The drinks range from a Lemon Skinny Deep to an Açaí Basil Gimlet, all with less than 250 calories.

The only problem with this trend is that with half the calories we are all hoping for half the price. Unfortunately, that is just not the case. Although the Tickled Pink from Fleming’s is offered on their “5 For 6 ‘Til 7″ happy hour menu so you can grab it for $6 between 5pm-7pm every night of the week.

Cheers to skinny cocktails!


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