Square Café

9 Jun
We first heard about Square Café through Jeff Rose, who wrote on our Facebook wall to recommend one of his favorite local coffee and dining spots. Jeff, publisher and owner at The Taste of Pittsburgh, currently resides in Regent Square, and enjoys trying a variety of dining venues around the Pittsburgh area. He kindly consented to tell us more about ‘The Square’ for this week’s blog.
Thanks for your review, Jeff!
If you have questions about Square Café, or want to add your own thoughts to the review, post your comments below!

Square Café

1137  South Braddock Ave. | Pgh, PA 15218 | 412-244-8002
Check out www.square-cafe.com to see event picture galleries, menu offerings, and other fun information!
How long have you been visiting Square Cafe?
I’ve been eating at the Square since we moved to Regent Square 5+ years ago.
How would you describe the ambiance?
Laid back, but fun, the staff is ultra friendly, bright interior with artwork from local artists, they have outdoor seating which is packed on the weekends.

What type of crowd or demographic is usually there?

Just like the neighborhood, very diverse: all ages, and it changes based on the day. As a local we stick to the week days, and I’m in there 2-3 days a week. On weekends, unless we get there early, it’s too busy for me.
What fare does The Square serve?
They are open for breakfast and lunch; to describe the menu is impossible. It’s best known for breakfast ,which is not just the usual. My favorite was “White Bean Hash” on the winter menu, but it’s now “Peas and Pancetta.” I think they get overlooked as a great lunch place; the burgers are great. I know they have a good number of vegan and gluten free choices. Oh and the coffee is great!
How is the pricing?
Pricing is fair, portions are big, and quality is top shelf. They buy a lot of local produce, making for fresh dishes.
Would you change or add anything to The Square?
More seating would be nice, but then again the charm of The Square is in its size.
What is your favorite thing about Square Café?
My favorite thing would be the people. The food is crazy good, but it’s the people who work there, the locals I run into, old high school and college friends I see there, and the strangers who are now friends that make it what it is.
— — — —
Jeff Rose is publisher and owner of Taste of Pittsburgh.


| twitter.com/tasteofpgh

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