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The Cream City Cheeseburger

31 Aug

We found this intriguing article about the origins of the name “cream city” from and had to share. Check out the rest of their site and read the full article in its original location here.

The Cream City Cheeseburger

August 31 2011

When you hear the term “Cream City,” you think it’s a reference to dairy, right?
Well, would you believe me if I told you it was really a reference to bricks?

It just so happens that the red clay so prevalent along the western shore of Lake Michigan turns a creamy white color after it’s been fired. And since many of the buildings in Milwaukee are constructed of locally produced brick, it got to a point (beginning in the 1870’s) that visitors couldn’t help but notice that the buildings in the city were virtually all cream-colored. Hence the city became known as the “Cream City,” and the bricks, in turn, became universally known as “Cream City bricks.”

Now, this story might be neither here nor there were it not for a recently developed recipe that we named after our beloved “Cream City.”

Although the city of Milwaukee’s rich heritage has been influenced by many cultures and traditions it seems best known for its German ties. During the middle and late 19th century German immigrants fleeing the Revolution of 1848 discovered both inexpensive land and freedom on the banks of Lake Michigan. And their settlement created a culture that washed over the city and gained widespread influence, particularly with regard to its food.

Nowhere is this more evident than along Old World Third Street, a three-block historic landmark zone just north of downtown. The city’s past is brought to life in the detailed facades of the 19th-century European–style buildings lining this cobblestone street, home to Usinger’s Sausage, Mader’s Restaurant, Wisconsin Cheese Mart, The Spice House, and the Old German Beer Hall

This burger is a tribute to all that makes Milwaukee, the Cream City, famous.

It begins with a simple burger made from fresh Wisconsin-made bratwurst, removed from its casing, shaped into a patty, and grilled. The burger is topped with beer-braised onions and a liberal serving of delicious beer cheese sauce made with Springside beer cheddar and Lakefront Brewery’s Riverwest Stein lager.

For the full Cream City experience, enjoy this burger on a warm summer night washed down with a cold beer and followed by a scoop of delicious frozen custard.

The Cream City Cheeseburger

We’re pleased to say that this recipe is being featured on Wisconsin Cheese Talk, along with a series of other delicious recipes.  Check it out!


Do You Like Battery Acid Mixed with Shards of Glass?

11 Aug

According to an article recently printed in, if you are interested in eating a chili pepper so spicy that it goes down like a mix of battery acid and glass shards, there is a restaurant with your name on it.

We shared the article below – you can read it in its original location here.

World’s Hottest Peppers Being Served at Härth

If you love spicy food, and you’ve been aching to eat a chili pepper that goes down like battery acid mixed with shards of glass, Tom Elder has just the thing for you. The executive chef at härth, a new restaurant in the Hilton McLean, grows six of the world’s hottest chili peppers in an organic garden.

Among them is the bhut jolokia, or “ghost pepper.” Measuring at around 1 million units on the Scoville scale, it’s the world’s hottest pepper. The other peppers in his garden measure between 400,000 and 800,000 units. A jalepeño, by the way, is just 4,500.

“When we first started reading up on the ghost chili, they had articles on it, and said, ‘The heat of the ghost chili is similar to drinking battery acid with shards of glass,'” Elder tells WAMU. “Like, that’s the descriptive we had. It’s like, ‘What?”

He’s using the pepper in soups, ketchup, and a hot pepper marmalade. The honey may sweeten the pain, but for now, I’ll stick with sriracha.

Food and Cinema… What’s Your Favorite Combo?

3 Aug

Sometimes you want to enjoy food both by eating it and by thinking about it. If you’re a little tired of the cooking channel, the following list might be helpful to you. We recently came across a blog called Foodista, which has a selection of tasty recipes, ideas, and advice on all things food-related. One of the posts, 10 Fabulous Food Inspired Movies, stuck out, because it has a number of suggestions for the best foodie movies to watch.

We included a few titles from the list, and encourage you to check out the post on for yourself to see the rest of their ideas.

Top 5 of the Foodista’s Top 10 list:

1.Eat, Drink, Man, Women

2.Like Water For Chocolate


4.Fried Green Tomatoes

5.Mostly Martha

Now it’s your turn- add your own movies to this list!