Pumpkin Fun!

11 Oct

We were browsing through Southern Living for Halloween inspiration and had to share a few of our finds with our readers. If you’re craving a little pumpkin creativity, try one of these ideas:

Pint-Size Pumpkins & Blooms

Carving these irresistible ‘Wee-B-Little’ pumpkins is a super-simple, quick, entertaining project, regardless of your age.

The first pumpkin was fun. The second was even better. By the third, we were into serious laughter, and we’re grown-ups. Carving these irresistible ‘Wee-B-Little’ pumpkins is a super-simple, quick, entertaining project, regardless of your age. Try grouping your pumpkins in a window box, terra-cotta pot, or other container. Add some flowers and foliage to the mix, and you’ll have a ball.

Pumpkin Pedestals
Make several of these holders for each window box or container. Before adding the pumpkins, fill your container with colorful autumn favorites such as mums, marigolds, crotons, and ivy. Vary the heights of the holders for a spooky display.

  • Measure and saw the dowel to the desired length. When pushed into the soil, the top of the dowel should be just above the tops of all plants.
  • Hammer one twist nail through the center of a can lid. Now, flip it over (so the nail sticks up to hold the pumpkin in place), and use two twist nails to fasten the lid to one end of the dowel.
  • Spray-paint the holder black, and push it into the soil of the window box or other container.

Face the Pumpkin
You’ve probably carved pumpkins before but maybe not one this tiny. Here is what we learned. n Place the pumpkin on a firm surface, and remove the top with a sharp paring knife.

  • Scoop out the innards with a teaspoon.
  • You can use a knife to cut the face, but small canapé cutters make it much easier to create lots of great shapes. Fashion your faces. Then, press each pumpkin onto the twist nail on each stand. Add a tea light candle inside, light it, and put the lid on at an angle to allow heat to escape while keeping the light contained. Remember to check on them often; candles must be used with care.

31 Halloween Pumpkins

Get your carving tools out, because we have 31 ways —from spooky to elegant to jolly—to make your house Halloween ready. (Read more)


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