Celebrate Your Vegetarianism

21 Oct

Since we’re now a solid three weeks into Vegetarian Awareness Month (it started on October 1st) it seemed appropriate to check in with our readers to see where they enjoy dining when they want a delicious meal sans-meat.

While we were cruising the net, we came across this article from livability:

“Great Restaurants to Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month”

Check out the author’s list of faves in places like Akron, Nashville, Lousiville, and Asheville.

Live close to a favorite vegetarian-friendly restaurant? Let us know!


Great Restaurants to Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month

October 1 was World Vegetarian Day, kicking off Vegetarian Awareness Month. Of course, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to celebrate, and there’s no better time than now to check out your local vegetarian restaurant.

When I think of vegetarian restaurants, my thoughts immediately turn to this delightful image:

Super Summer Salad at Spiral Diner, Fort Worth, TX

A couple months ago, I hit up Spiral Diner when visiting one our Livability.com Best Places to Live, Fort Worth, TX.  A 100% vegan restaurant in the middle of Cowtown? I just had to.

I’m not a vegan – or vegetarian, even. I have several friends who are, though, and am always impressed when I come across a vegetarian or vegan dish that’s just as (if not more) tasty as something that’s … not-so-animal-friendly. I have one vegetarian friend who never ceases to amaze me with her own “cook what’s in the kitchen” efforts that turn out better than anything I’ve meticulously planned.

In fact, my first experience at a vegetarian restaurant was with this friend. I’ll never forget her mistakenly telling a friend on the phone “Yeah, we’re walking to the vegetarian restaurant, Mad Cow.”

For the record, the place is actually called The Wild Cow, and it’s awesome. If you’re ever in Nashville, TN, check it out.

So, with my pleasant Wild Cow experience in mind, I was actually excited about the vegan fare at Spiral Diner in Fort Worth.

Read full article here.


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