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Why Did I Come Upstairs Again?

7 Nov

As a significant portion of our population reaches an age where memory can start to become a problem, articles like this one (from are particularly helpful. Read up on five “brain foods” to help keep your cognitive powers well-oiled and in top shape!

5 Foods for Senior Moments

We’re having a national senior moment.

Baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, are a demographic time bomb. Making up nearly one-third of the population, they’ve reached the age of memory loss, slowed reflexes, and synaptic glitches. That’s 75 million boomers that can’t remember what they went upstairs for.

Brain foods really work.
In the same way that a low cholesterol diet can keep plaque from forming in arteries, there are foods that can keep plaque from forming in your brain. You can unclog your cognitive functions just like you can unclog your arteries.

There are also foods that can sharpen your focus and concentration, enhance your memory, and speed your reaction times. Add them to your diet early enough and you can stave off cognitive decline later in life…….

Read the full article: 5 Foods for Senior Moments


Fall in love with Picnics!

4 Nov

It might be autumn, but we aren’t ready to give up our picnic spirit just yet, thank you.

Check out this excerpt from an article from Southern Living – it has a few tasty food ideas, and a list of top picnic destinations as voted by staff. What’s YOUR favorite picnic spot?

Serves 4


Take it Outside
Our staff recommends these places for a getaway picnic.

  • Gorham’s Bluff, Alabama–Enjoy the view of the Tennessee River Valley from behind the Lodge On Gorham’s Bluff, located in the state’s northeast corner.
  • Pinnacle Overlook, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Kentucky–Feel like the king (or queen) of the hill when you picnic here with views of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.
  • Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia–Add a little water to your adventure by dining alfresco at the top or bottom of one of the East’s tallest waterfalls.
  • Shenandoah National Park, Virginia–A wealth of turnouts with spectacular valley vistas dot Skyline Drive, the 105-mile road that snakes across the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains. (Try Fishers Gap Overlook, mile 49.4.)
  • Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, Florida–Time your picnic here during low tide, and get a front-row seat on one of the many large rocks that adorn this shore.
  • White Rock Mountain or Hawksbill Crag, Arkansas–An easy hike to either destination in the Ozarks takes picnicking to new heights.
  • Mount Bonnell, Texas–Take the stone stairs to the heavenly panoramic view above Lake Austin, and find a place to eat in “high style.”
  • Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, North Carolina–Near Blowing Rock on the Blue Ridge Parkway, pick a spot among the 25 miles of hiking trails.
  • Bald River Falls, Tennessee–Take a short hike to the top of this scenic area located near Tellico Plains.

This article is from the September 2005 issue of Southern Living.

Andria Scott Hurst, Sara Askew Jones