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Discover America’s Most Popular Fine Dining Locations

18 May

Urbanspoon has recently shared the results of countless hours of work with its followers: America’s most popular high-end restaurants. The list is long, thorough, and leaves you hungry for fine dining! Have you been to any of these locations? Share your experiences and list suggestions in the comments!

America’s Most Popular High-End Restaurants

by Conrad on May 15, 2012 |

Alinea, Chicago, ILUrbanspoon has recently undertaken the largest ever review of American dining behavior data, taking into consideration over 600,000 restaurants, millions of reviews, and a billion pageviews’ worth of user behavior. The result is a list of 250 dining establishments that received the most attention from professional food critics, food bloggers, and the general dining public across Urbanspoon’s website and smartphone apps.

The list below represents those super hot, $$$$ restaurants that received the most coverage across the the foodie community as well as from regular diners. Getting a Friday night table will require some advance planning, but the sheer popularity of these destinations ensures you’ll be treated to a memorable gastronomical event.



Happy Mother’s Day!

9 May

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Where are you taking the special lady in your life? If you live in Pittsburgh, check out OpenTable’s list of restaurant ideas. A lot of restaurants are offering complimentary discounts and even free drinks in honor of the day. You can also search the “Mother’s Day Specials and Availability” tab, and if you see something you like, you can book it online right away. Enjoy!

Happy Truffle Day!

2 May

Happy National Truffle Day, everybody! If you’ve been craving something sweet and delicious all week, now is the perfect excuse to indulge. In honor of the day, here’s a little truffle trivia for you:

Truffles were invented in France, and fashioned after the truffle fungus. Popular history holds that a man named Louis Dufour created the first chocolate truffle on this day in 1895. These delicious treats can be made of dark, milk, or white chocolate, and some even have a special liqueur to add something extra to the flavor.

Today’s truffles come in three main varieties: American, European, and Swiss.  They all have a couple of things in common: each truffle type includes a creamy ganache filling, and each is topped with coca, coconut, or melted, drizzled chocolate. Exquisite! Of course, every baker makes truffles with their own twist, which makes trying a lot of different varieties even more fun.

Fun fact: Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was a great fan of “Prestat truffles,” a chocolate shop opened in London that is credited with bringing truffles to their current popularity in England.

Here are a couple of links to get you cooking:

Read more about truffle history and creation here

Find a scrumptious truffle recipe (plus some tips on selecting chocolate and ingredients) to try here

Check out a video of a news team making their very own truffles here