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British Retailers Turn Fish Heads Into Energy

20 Jun

Most people pitch the ‘gross’ leftover food scraps they don’t use for cooking. But in England, retailers are trying to change that practice. Chicken fat, fish heads, and leftover sandwiches are just a few of the scraps being carted off to biogas plants so they can be reused as an energy source. As business owners become more environmentally conscious, this new role for discarded food comes right on time.

Bloomberg news reports on the latest developments – read the whole article and learn more by following this link to the article on their website.

British Retailers Turn Waste Into Power

By on June 14, 2012

Bloomberg News

John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, likely never had an inkling that his culinary invention would revolutionize lunchtime. And it’s certain that he never dreamed that a cheddar ploughmans or an egg and cress would one day serve to heat British homes in wintertime.

Tesco (TSCO), Britain’s biggest supermarket chain, along with Marks & Spencer Group (MKS), John Lewis Partnership’s Waitrose, Wal-Mart’s (WMT) Asda unit, and J Sainsbury (SBRY), are carting off chicken fat, fish heads, and leftover sandwiches to biogas plants for conversion into electricity. For many British retailers, the new waste management dovetails with environmental aims. M&S announced this month that it had achieved its five-year objective of becoming “carbon neutral”—a goal many of its competitors share..



Where to Take Dad this Sunday

12 Jun

In case you didn’t know (but we hope you did), Sunday June 17th is Father’s Day! That means you have about 5 more days to decide what to do with the special dad in your life. We are a big fan of Gayot’s “Top” lists – here’s one with some good suggestions based on your city. Take a look!

Read the story in its original location HERE

Top 10 Father’s Day Restaurants

Give the man of the house a break from the barbecue this Father’s Day and take him out for a big breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. We’ve rounded up the best places to take Dad to dine on June 17, from eateries featuring a special Father’s Day menu to restaurants that might specialize in steaks or craft beers.

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Restaurants Embrace Special-Diet Menus

6 Jun

A renaissance is taking place in the restaurant industry and people on special diets can taste the benefits. From independently owned restaurants to national chains and fast food franchises, the food service industry is recognizing food allergies and sensitivities as a market that can no longer be ignored. The shift in awareness is due to the growing number of people on special diets—12 million Americans have food allergies, 3 million have celiac disease, and millions more have dietary concerns due to conditions like lactose intolerance and diabetes.”

This is the opening paragraph of a fantastic article we read this week, discussing the rising popularity of special-diet menus. Restaurant owners say they are seeing up to a 10% increase in customers after including alternative menus for those with sensitivities and allergies. With such an enormous percentage of the population in need of more particular food choices, restaurants are seeing the benefit of providing alternative solutions to the standard menu. Take a minute to read this article; it has stats, case studies, interviews with restaurant owners and restaurant-goers, and some encouraging news for those who want to dine out without compromising their dietary needs.

Restaurants With Special-Diet Menus

More restaurants are serving up special-diet menus.