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Get home-delivered world-class food!

29 Nov

There’s a great start-up in the works called ”Munchery.” Check out’s overview – to read the full article, follow the link in the headline. Would you try this same-day delivery option?

Munchery Offers Same-Day Deliveries of Fresh Meals From Local Chefs

Name: Munchery

One-Liner Pitch: Home-delivered meals from world-class chefs.

Why It’s Taking Off: Munchery delivers fresh, affordable dinners prepared daily by professional chefs to the San Francisco Bay area.

Thinking about ordering pizza or Chinese food for dinner? For close to the same price, how about freshly-made pacific red snapper with artichoke hearts, instead?

Munchery offers fresh meals prepared daily by local, professional chefs that you can order and have delivered the same day for dinner. With a new menu each day, you can choose from delicious entrees like lemongrass fried chicken or churrasco steak with chimichurri, or from organic, vegetarian, low carb and gluten-free meals.

To make sure your meal it hot for dinner, Munchery’s chefs design and prepare each meal for you to reheat for up to five minutes in an oven or microwave when its delivered to your door. Once you choose an hourly time frame, Munchery will deliver your dinner during that time for a delivery fee of about $4. You can also choose to pick up your meal to waive the delivery charge.

In case you can’t be home during the delivery hours, you can leave a cooler in front of your door and Munchery will place your meal in the cooler. You can follow the chef’s reheating instructions once you get home so that your meal is hot and ready to eat.



White Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti

8 Nov

We love this recipe from — nothing beats a delicious treat, something hot to dunk it in, and a cozy corner to curl up in when the weather gets cold! Do you have a favorite coffee shop that makes divinely delicious biscotti like this?

White Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti

Curl up on a cold evening with a warm mug of hot chocolate and one of these White Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti cookies. This recipe yields a cookie that is softer than traditional biscotti, so you can eat them without dunking first. The peppermint flavor is a perfect seasonal touch that will make these a stand-out favorite at cookie swaps or family gatherings. The white chocolate drizzled over these cookies is a decadent touch that, besides adding extra sweetness, gives these cookies a festive, snow-covered look.


Downtown Nightlife Survives Hurricane Sandy

1 Nov

Despite being without power the day after Hurricane Sandy struck, Manhattan’s spirits were up. Check out this article from the NY Eater to see a video of Manhattan locals keeping things going post-hurricane. Way to go, guys!

Watch a Video of Downtown Nightlife in the Blackout

Thursday, November 1, 2012, by Alexander Hancock


The day after Hurricane Sandy hit, downtown Manhattan was totally without power but it wasn’t boring. The Daily hit the streets to check out the scene, talking to people out and about and visiting a cash-only hurricane party (with an available cell phone charger) at Wicked Willy’s and a Halloween Party at Le Souk. A Le Souk employee on how they got through: “It was pretty hard but we managed. We got a generator from the 1980s that worked,” somehow.

Video: Nightlife in NYC’s Dead Zone