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Downtown Nightlife Survives Hurricane Sandy

1 Nov

Despite being without power the day after Hurricane Sandy struck, Manhattan’s spirits were up. Check out this article from the NY Eater to see a video of Manhattan locals keeping things going post-hurricane. Way to go, guys!

Watch a Video of Downtown Nightlife in the Blackout

Thursday, November 1, 2012, by Alexander Hancock


The day after Hurricane Sandy hit, downtown Manhattan was totally without power but it wasn’t boring. The Daily hit the streets to check out the scene, talking to people out and about and visiting a cash-only hurricane party (with an available cell phone charger) at Wicked Willy’s and a Halloween Party at Le Souk. A Le Souk employee on how they got through: “It was pretty hard but we managed. We got a generator from the 1980s that worked,” somehow.

Video: Nightlife in NYC’s Dead Zone