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Craving Italian food and Sushi? Now you can have your pasta and eat sushi too.

13 Sep

Celebrating 20 years in their Naples, FL community, Matt and Seth Benevento-Berman are excited about the impact their restaurant has on the community. Noodles Italian Cafe and Sushi Bar offers scrumptious Italian fare, as well as an exquisite array of sushi options. Diners are treated to live music, seasonal events, and an atmosphere that’s unparalleled.

Noodles’ website says it best:

” Over the past 19 years Noodles has evolved into the uniquely styled, highly energized Noodles Italian Café & Sushi Bar – distinctively defined by its superlative interpretation of innovative New Italian cuisine combined with intricately composed Japanese sushi. Our collaboration with authentically trained & talented sushi chefs has been a wonderful surprise. Tuna Tataki or Fried Calamari? Volcano Roll or Mussels Tuscany? Soy Sauce or Balsamic Vinegar? Who Knew?  “

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, you must try Noodles Cafe – you won’t be disappointed!

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British Retailers Turn Fish Heads Into Energy

20 Jun

Most people pitch the ‘gross’ leftover food scraps they don’t use for cooking. But in England, retailers are trying to change that practice. Chicken fat, fish heads, and leftover sandwiches are just a few of the scraps being carted off to biogas plants so they can be reused as an energy source. As business owners become more environmentally conscious, this new role for discarded food comes right on time.

Bloomberg news reports on the latest developments – read the whole article and learn more by following this link to the article on their website.

British Retailers Turn Waste Into Power

By on June 14, 2012

Bloomberg News

John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, likely never had an inkling that his culinary invention would revolutionize lunchtime. And it’s certain that he never dreamed that a cheddar ploughmans or an egg and cress would one day serve to heat British homes in wintertime.

Tesco (TSCO), Britain’s biggest supermarket chain, along with Marks & Spencer Group (MKS), John Lewis Partnership’s Waitrose, Wal-Mart’s (WMT) Asda unit, and J Sainsbury (SBRY), are carting off chicken fat, fish heads, and leftover sandwiches to biogas plants for conversion into electricity. For many British retailers, the new waste management dovetails with environmental aims. M&S announced this month that it had achieved its five-year objective of becoming “carbon neutral”—a goal many of its competitors share..


The Most Important Bagel Man Has Passed Away

22 Mar

From the AP: Full story here.

Bagel Celebrity Murray Lender Has Died, and So Has Mr. Coffee


The most important bagel man of all.

Murray Lender, the highly respected man behind Lender’s bagels, the bagels many grew up with and skill keep in their freezer for sentimental purposes, and that which Consumer Reports “hole”-heartedly raved about yesterday, has died at 81.

Lender’s Bagels was founded by Murray’s father in New Haven in 1927; it evolved, as the Big Gay Ice Cream guys just tweeted, into the bagel that “introduced us hillbilly goyim to bagels. Thanks for the shmear.”

But that’s not all. In more sad news, Samuel Glazer, one of the two men credited with inventing the automatic-drip coffee maker, Mr. Coffee, has also passed away. READ MORE

Celebrate Your Vegetarianism

21 Oct

Since we’re now a solid three weeks into Vegetarian Awareness Month (it started on October 1st) it seemed appropriate to check in with our readers to see where they enjoy dining when they want a delicious meal sans-meat.

While we were cruising the net, we came across this article from livability:

“Great Restaurants to Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month”

Check out the author’s list of faves in places like Akron, Nashville, Lousiville, and Asheville.

Live close to a favorite vegetarian-friendly restaurant? Let us know!


Great Restaurants to Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month

October 1 was World Vegetarian Day, kicking off Vegetarian Awareness Month. Of course, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to celebrate, and there’s no better time than now to check out your local vegetarian restaurant.

When I think of vegetarian restaurants, my thoughts immediately turn to this delightful image:

Super Summer Salad at Spiral Diner, Fort Worth, TX

A couple months ago, I hit up Spiral Diner when visiting one our Best Places to Live, Fort Worth, TX.  A 100% vegan restaurant in the middle of Cowtown? I just had to.

I’m not a vegan – or vegetarian, even. I have several friends who are, though, and am always impressed when I come across a vegetarian or vegan dish that’s just as (if not more) tasty as something that’s … not-so-animal-friendly. I have one vegetarian friend who never ceases to amaze me with her own “cook what’s in the kitchen” efforts that turn out better than anything I’ve meticulously planned.

In fact, my first experience at a vegetarian restaurant was with this friend. I’ll never forget her mistakenly telling a friend on the phone “Yeah, we’re walking to the vegetarian restaurant, Mad Cow.”

For the record, the place is actually called The Wild Cow, and it’s awesome. If you’re ever in Nashville, TN, check it out.

So, with my pleasant Wild Cow experience in mind, I was actually excited about the vegan fare at Spiral Diner in Fort Worth.

Read full article here.

Take Back Your Lunch

23 Sep

It seems that we all may be happier, have more energy, and be more productive if we took a couple of minutes to eat lunch away from our desks. Have you ever heard of a Take Back Your Lunch meetup? Find out more in the article below, and leave your thoughts at the bottom of this post!

Overworked? Take Back Your Lunch Hour

From CNN Money

By Anne Fisher

September 2, 2010

Dear Annie: Your article about why everyone should take a vacation (“5 ways to take a guilt-free vacation,” June 2) got a lot of attention in my office, and we all agree that we are exhausted and need some downtime. But how are we supposed to take our vacations when we can’t even get away from our desks long enough to go out for lunch? I work for a big company where so many people have been laid off in the past two years that, even with business relatively slow, we are all putting in 10- and 12-hour days (for weeks on end) just to get the work out the door.

Our boss eats a 10-minute lunch at his desk every day, so we all do the same. Yet, on the odd days when I take a short walk at lunchtime or (gasp) go to the gym for half an hour, I feel so much less stressed, and get so much more done in the afternoon, that I really believe our whole department would function better if everyone took a real lunch break on a regular basis. Can you please suggest some way to talk to my boss about this without seeming like a slacker?

Brown Bagging It

Dear B.B.I.: It’s a sad day when leaving your desk for 30 minutes can make you fear being branded a slacker, but welcome to the post-recession world. Interestingly, lots of other people have reached the same conclusion you have, at roughly the same time: A break in the middle of the day, to refresh and recharge, can do wonders for morale and productivity.

This summer, a company called The Energy Project launched a weekly event in public parks around the U.S. called Take Back Your Lunch. The effort was aimed at getting people out of the office for a little while at noontime Wednesdays for food and non-work-related conversation. The first round of gatherings proved so popular that the idea spread to more than 50 cities, including New York City, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Atlanta, Dayton, Minneapolis, Miami, San Francisco, and Honolulu. It’s even caught on in a few places overseas, like Mumbai, India and Koln, Germany.

Great, but how do you get your boss on board? You might point out that Take Back Your Lunch is the brainchild of Energy Project’s founder Tony Schwartz, who has consulted on boosting workforce productivity with dozens of big successful outfits — like Google, Sony, Ford, Ernst & Young, Gillette, and the Cleveland Clinic. Schwartz also is the author of a fascinating new book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working: The Four Forgotten Needs That Energize Great Performance (Free Press, $28.00).

One of the needs to which the subtitle refers: A break now and then. This sounds like common sense, and it is, but our technology-saturated culture, driven by computers that are “on” 24/7, has caused many people (like your boss, perhaps) to lose sight of the obvious. “We’re far more complex than any machine and we have vastly more moving parts. Still, most of us are more vigilant about refueling and maintaining our cars than we are about taking care of ourselves,” observes Schwartz. “When demand in our lives intensifies, our pattern is to hunker down and push harder, rather than to refuel more frequently.” Sound familiar?

The trouble with pushing harder and allowing ourselves less downtime, Schwartz says, is that “past a certain point, you become less efficient. The real measure of productivity is the value you generate, not the number of hours you put in.”

Since companies are, or claim to be, all about generating value, Schwartz and his Energy Project colleagues have done extensive research on how to do it in a sustainable way. “We’ve discovered that managing energy is better than managing time, because time is finite, but energy is renewable,” he says. “If you manage your energy better, you can do far more in far less time.”

To see how well you’re currently doing at managing your energy, and get customized suggestions for improving things, take The Energy Project’s quick 20-question test. Schwartz’s firm has administered this quiz to thousands of employees over the past ten years. The results are usually “depressing but eye-opening,” he says. “The average score is 14 — that is, out of 20 behaviors people regularly engage in, 14 are energy-depleting.”

Just for fun, you might encourage your boss and your colleagues to take the test as well. At the very least, this exercise could kick off some interesting discussions.

“We want to encourage people to go ahead and do what they instinctively know is best for them and makes them most productive,” says Schwartz. “In many companies now, there is very little acknowledgment, or none at all, of the plain fact that work is out of whack. So our purpose is to start the conversation.”

Who knows, maybe a group of you can start leaving your desks for a bite to eat on Wednesdays — or maybe even (imagine it!) on a few other days as well. There are still a few weeks of summer left — to find a Take Back Your Lunch event near you, or to start one, go to, or You can also check it out on Twitter, at

Wine and Dine Me, S’il vous plait!

19 Jul

Wine and Dine Me, S’il vous plait!

The Pittsburgh Edition

July 19 2011
Meghan Ingram

We all thrive on a little romance, and there’s no better place to kindle it than in that particular local restaurant with just the right ambiance and your favorite kind of food and drinks. And what better cuisine than French to add that special touch to your evening?

Whether you’re single and looking for a more upscale place to take your next date, in a relationship and searching for a new restaurant to try, or married and anticipating a quiet night out for two away from the kids, the following list has a place for you.

Since we can’t all go to Paris this summer, here are three local Pittsburgh restaurants that bring Paris to you.

Isabela on Grandview

1318 Grandview Avenue | Mount Washington | Pgh, PA 15211
Phone: 412.431.5882 | Monday – Saturday  5 pm – 10 pm

Voted “Best Overall and Most Romantic Restaurant in Pittsburgh” for two years running, Isabela on Grandview boasts a stunning view of Pittsburgh from high atop Mount Washington, a warm and classy decor, and a knowledgeable staff dedicated to making your experience memorable.

The restaurant offers a seasonally changing wine list and an extensive line of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The experience can be pricey (their ‘prix fix’ is $70) but natives who rave about Isabela deem it worth the price.

Online reservations available through

Paris 66 Bistro

6018 Penn Circle South | Pgh, PA 15206
Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm | 412-404-8166

Voted Best French Restaurant in Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Magazine, Paris66 is deserving of its French title. Daily specials include crépes, fresh soups and quiches, salads and croques, housemade pastries and desserts, and a variety of French wine, beer, and cocktails.

The inside is friendly and feels European in style and decor. Locals comment most frequently on the wonderful service, delicious crépes and soups (a house specialty), healthy dining options, and reasonable prices. With a menu that changes constantly, and an ambiance that invites you to sit and enjoy your evening, it’s no wonder Paris66 is a favorite among Pittsburgh natives and visitors!

Nine On Nine

900 penn avenue : Pgh pA
Dinner hours: Tuesday – Saturday 5:00pm – 10:00pm | 412.338.6463

Though not strictly French, Nine on Nine Nine retains the atmosphere of a European restaurant, and locals recommend it as an excellent option for a refined dining experience for the romantic-minded. Located in the heart of the Cultural District, close to music and performance venues, this restaurant offers a variety of old and new world wines and a scrumptious selection of regionally inspired cuisine, with a modern American theme in mind.

The decor is a match for the restaurant’s description of its cuisine: it focuses on simplicity and flavor. Warm floors, unique wall patterns, and white table cloths complete an elegant ambiance, and those who eat at Nine on Nine generally agree that prices are moderate, and appreciate the wait staff and Chef Richard DeShantz’s unique creations.


Now it’s your turn – what French cuisine inspires the romantic in you? Let us know in the comments!

Feast on the 4th!

29 Jun

The 4th is almost here! We can’t wait for sun and fun and time to relax with family and friends — and of course, lots of delicious food! Check out the list below for some holiday inspiration. From The Foodista Blog. Read the original article here.


Fabulous 4th of July Feasts

June 29, 2011

July is right around the corner and so is our favorite summer holiday – the Fourth of July!

Upon the arrival of this big three day weekend, I often find myself wondering what I should have on the barbecue menu. Fall apart smoked ribs? Blue cheese burgers? A whole herb-stuffed salmon? Fortunately, we still have a week to plan! If you need inspiration, below you’ll find three 4th of July-worthy feasts: Buttermilk Fried Chicken with all the fixin’s, a belly-busting Memphis-style ribs chow down, and a classic East Coast lobster boil.

Southern Style Chicken

Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Cabbage and Fennel Coleslaw
Jalapeno Cornbread
Pickled Watermelon Rind
Fresh Cherry Pie

Finger Lickin’ Ribs

Memphis-Style Dry Rub Ribs
Red Potato and Dill Salad
Smokinwilly Barbecue Baked Beans
Spiced Butter Barbecued Corn
Blue Mountain Blueberry Pie

The Beach Boil

Easy Maine Lobster Boil
Herb Dinner Rolls
Apricot Glazed Apple Tart

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July!

Image sources: thebittenword