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Craving Fashion Storms the Waterside Shops in Naples

15 Aug

At the Waterside Shops in Naples, FL, the Gulf Coast’s premiere shopping destination, there’s a premiere event debuting on Friday, September 6th from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM, kicking off the Waterside Shops’ first Friday Monthly Event Series, and you’re invited!


Take a fashionable and sumptuous tour, sampling the unique culinary tastings of over 25 restaurants and local chefs, while browsing your favorite designer’s windows and sipping on the evening’s signature libations.  Live entertainment and informal modeling will accentuate the evening. If you live in the area, or are going to be in the area, be sure to dress your fashionable best, and join the other revelers for a night out to support local food and fashion!  You can see the event’s Facebook page here, which includes a full list of participating restaurants and sponsors.  For further information and tickets (GA/VIP), or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, call 800.755.6441, or send an e-mail to waterside@markit-group.com.

Proceeds support Make A Wish Foundation and St. Matthew’s House.

Group tickets are available.



WHEN: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH, 2013, 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM




What Can Facebook, Twitter, and Smartphones Do For Your Restaurant?

15 Feb

Hi everyone,

Take a look at this informative article about the ways restaurant owners can integrate social media into their business. Using sites like Facebook and Twitter helps promote visibility, promote specials, sales, and coupon offers, interact more closely with customers, and find employees. How are you using social media for your own marketing campaign? Let us know in the comments!

Facebook, Twitter, and Smartphones Lead Social Media-Fueled Innovation Within U.S. Foodservice


Restaurants that create a presence on social media can generate brand awareness, promote upcoming events and limited time offers, engage with the customer base, recruit employees, and build brand-loyalty.

Social networking sites and smartphone apps are changing the ways consumers interact with restaurants and with their fellow restaurant goers, creating exciting opportunities for foodservice operators and marketers, according to “Social Media and Technology in the U.S. Foodservice Industry: Trends and Opportunities for an Emerging Market” by Packaged Facts. Restaurants that create a presence on social media can generate brand awareness, promote upcoming events and limited time offers, engage with the customer base, recruit employees, and build brand-loyalty.

“We believe the restaurant industry is in the midst of being shaped by the convergence of the mobile, yet always connected, consumer; location-based and context-aware technological innovation, and mobile payments, which already demonstrate the potential to redefine how to cultivate restaurant guest loyalty, incentivize dining occasions, and better tailor marketing messages,” says Don Montuori, publisher of Packaged Facts.

Restaurant lifestyle engagement informs technology use, according to the report. For example, according to Packaged Facts’ proprietary survey, 31% of adults who consider going out to restaurants as “part of their lifestyle” use their computer to place orders, while 21% use their cell phone or other portable device to do so.

Social media outlets Facebook and Twitter in particular are providing fertile opportunities for innovation. As Starbucks and Chipotle Mexican Grill have discovered, Facebook interaction offers tremendous potential for restaurant brands seeking consumer mind share; through well-timed and tailored online incentives, the brand can weave its way into consumers’ lives, according to the report. And because Facebook users are also frequently on the go, the foodservice industry can use the site to ramp up location-based marketing. Packaged Facts expects such efforts to explode in 2011, as the industry increasingly uses social media to guide patrons to a particular restaurant while they are mobile and deciding where to eat.

Twitter offers restaurants a significant opportunity to reach a younger, more urban, multi-cultural audience, because Twitter usage is particularly popular within the Hispanic, African American, and Asian populations. And, according to the report, Twitter has proven itself to be critical in attracting followers — and patrons — to food trucks, an urban-based and exploding segment of the foodservice industry. Meanwhile, handheld devices and technology are allowing point of sale and in-restaurant tools to evolve and expand. Some of these devices streamline a customer’s visit and maximize efficiency for the restaurant. Introducing such technologies may also reduce the instance of human error in order taking and bill calculations. Mobile phones are already ubiquitous, and Packaged Facts recommends that restaurants stay abreast of quickly emerging ways to tap into the restaurant guest early in the decision making process.

“Social Media and Technology in the U.S. Foodservice Industry: Trends and Opportunities for an Emerging Market” focuses on the quickly evolving social media and technology trends currently shaping the future of the restaurant industry. The report specifically assesses the impact of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as it relates to consumer-to-consumer interaction, consumer-to-business interaction, and the ramifications and opportunities for the restaurant industry. It also identifies and assesses emerging technologies and smartphone applications that Packaged Facts believes will help reshape the industry within just a few years. Emerging multi-concept ordering platforms, popular online consumer review platforms, and innovative food blogging & photography sites are also identified and assessed. For further information, please visit: http://www.packagedfacts.com/Social-Media-Technology-2848312/.

Eddie Eats Out – And So Can You.

12 Jan
Hello, readers!
Today we’ve chosen a selection of reviews from a charming website called Eddie Eats Out“The only Restaurant Review Site for Dogs.” The writer of the blog takes her dog with her to local New York City restaurants, grabs pics with the staff, and writes reviews about the food and environment. We love the tone and humor, and we’ve posted a selection of reviews below – been to any of these places? We’d love to hear about your experience!
Bonus tip: If you haven’t tried something creative for your restaurant, and are planning ahead for the warmer months, consider a program similar to the one this writer recently sponsored on her Facebook page, called “Dog Restaurant Week.” Take a look at the posts and pics – it really got a ton of different communities involved, and even received coverage from the Huffington Post! Pets are a great way to encourage business, and with social media so accessible, advertising and networking is easier than ever. Eddie Eats Out also has a twitter account set up for the site and used a #hashtag -#drw2010 – to get everyone organized during the Dog Restaurant Week event. A good example of creative thinking, catering to what interests your customers, and making it happen using social media.
Enjoy the reviews!
-The DineLocal-USA Team

Dog friendly restaurant
New York, NY
509 E 5th St
Water Bowl

I got to go inside because it was chilly out. This bar kind of a dive, but the bartender was great and a dog lover. The service was fast and the drinks were cheap. The bartender gave me a chicken strip doggy treat and a real water bowl! As a dog, I got served before my human friends, which is the way it should be. I also got lots of pets from the staff. My mommy said that the bathrooms were nice and clean despite the fact that the bar was a little dirty.

B Side
New York, NY
204 Ave B
(212) 475-4600
Water Bowl

This is a little dive-ish but not too dirty. It is a sports bar with TVs to watch the game. I was allowed inside the bar, as there is no kitchen.

Customers are allowed to bring in outside food (we brought in pizza). I loved the atmosphere here because I got lots of attention! As the only dog at the bar, people were taking turns spending time with me and giving me tidbits of food… (I got French fries and a bite of a burger. YUM) I made lots of new human friends at B Side and I can’t wait to go again!!

La Bottega – The Maritime Hotel
New York, NY
88 9th Avenue
(212) 243 8400
Water Bowl

Mommy and I went to La Bottega, which is the Italian restaurant at the Maritime Hotel. There is lots of outdoor seating, some of which is covered, so it’s great for a hot day when you don’t want to sit in the sun! On that day, it was really hot out, so we got drinks first. I got a ceramic yellow water bowl…. and they even put ice in it! Mommy had a cocktail, and she said it was really good.

The waiter came over several times to check on how I was doing. I was having a great time because I got to meet lots of other dogs. We finally decided to order a Margherita pizza. It was so yummy! I kept begging for more

Regional Thai
New York, NY
208 7th Ave
Water Bowl

The other day we went for Thai food in Chelsea. We ate outside, and the waiter immediately gave me a bowl of water in a take-out plastic container. They even put ice in it. The guy at the table next to me let me have some of his calamari…. I had never had calamari before, but I loved it.

My sister had Regional Thai Ginger Chicken…. She thought it was great, but a little spicy for me.

Overall I really had fun at this restaurant, and was glad I was able to try some new food.