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Restaurants Embrace Special-Diet Menus

6 Jun

A renaissance is taking place in the restaurant industry and people on special diets can taste the benefits. From independently owned restaurants to national chains and fast food franchises, the food service industry is recognizing food allergies and sensitivities as a market that can no longer be ignored. The shift in awareness is due to the growing number of people on special diets—12 million Americans have food allergies, 3 million have celiac disease, and millions more have dietary concerns due to conditions like lactose intolerance and diabetes.”

This is the opening paragraph of a fantastic article we read this week, discussing the rising popularity of special-diet menus. Restaurant owners say they are seeing up to a 10% increase in customers after including alternative menus for those with sensitivities and allergies. With such an enormous percentage of the population in need of more particular food choices, restaurants are seeing the benefit of providing alternative solutions to the standard menu. Take a minute to read this article; it has stats, case studies, interviews with restaurant owners and restaurant-goers, and some encouraging news for those who want to dine out without compromising their dietary needs.

Restaurants With Special-Diet Menus

More restaurants are serving up special-diet menus.